Side of house enclosure

We’re ever so grateful that the team came out when it was so hot,and especially given it was Peter’s birthday. I hope he got to cool down and celebrate for the rest of the day.

We love the new enclosure (the workmanship is awesome), and even better, our 3 cats do too.The two younger ones (who have never been outside) very quickly learnt how to use the cat door and have been enjoying spending time out there, exploring and feeling the sun and the breeze on their fur. Our older cat (who hasn’t been outside for 18 months) was initially visibly annoyed that she couldn’t get out…..she had thought she got her freedom back when we opened the laundry door for her…..however, she’s gotten over herself now and been having a great time basking out there and rolling in a bit of dirt (her old favourite pastime). I’ll get some photos of them out there when I get a chance and send them through to you.

Cheers, Emily 🙂

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