Dawn, Phil and Hannah

Hi Jenny and Peter thought we would send you a couple of pictures of our new babies. Possum and Pumpkin two 8 week old sisters rescued from the Animal Welfare League yesterday. It was nice to see your flyers and business cards there on the counter and we happily said how you had built ours and the girls would soon be enjoying their new paradise.
Given that they are so young we are taking it in baby steps introducing them to the great outdoors, with just a short half hour or so today we will over the next few weeks gradually extend their time outdoors, but in the short time they were outside they wasted no time exploring everywhere. They didn’t hesitate to jump through the open cat flap and Possum had a go at pushing it open but she’s still a little small to manage as yet but i’m sure it will be mastered in no time. They even got to meet our resident dog Cleo through the gate I don’t know who was more frightened initially Cleo or the cats, but Cleo is such a sook she will take it all in her stride in good time, again this will be a slow gentle approach for all.

Many thanks again for a great job.

And extra special thanks from Pumpkin and Possum

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