Alison G – Salisbury North

Hi Jenny & Peter,

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Boris is enjoying his outdoor freedom very much.  Took him a few days to work the cat flap (great idea Peter to jam it open for the first few days) but he’s got it now and just comes & goes as he pleases.  He loves the hammock & shelves so much and I’ve put some toys out there for him to play with.  Least to say I hardly see him but when he does come in he’s very loving and cuddly.  I’ve attached a couple of photos I managed to get over the last few days just so you can check him out in his enclosure. 

Thank you so much for building a wonderful place for my Boris to enjoy, it was a cold & wet day and Peter you were a trooper and just kept going to get it up. 

Thanks again



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