Upper level run and backyard enclosure – McCracken (Victor Harbor)

DSC02147 (Medium) DSC02141 (Medium)YES! We service the South Coast area as well as Adelaide metro area.

This elevated cat run extends across the back wall of the house with entry from an enclosed balcony via a cat door.

The run has 2 entry boxes where steps and window ledges provide access down to a fully enclosed back yard.DSC02145 (Medium) DSC02148 (Medium) DSC02150 (Medium) DSC02151 (Medium)The 6 resident cats that share this house and yard with 2 dogs now have plenty of options for entry points to the ground level yard enclosure.

The upper level’s  extended run provides the cats with a great viewing area.

Peter pays great attention to ensure the grid lines are straight to provide a clean and perfect look for the build. The fence posts have been extended for this build to provide adequate height to the yard area.

It is a great area for the cats to step out into to catch the winter sun!

DSC02153 (Medium)DSC02154 (Medium)


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