Stage 1 – Cat Commando Course – One Tree Hill

One week ago this section of yard looked like this.


The yard was fenced and then Peter built this enclosure in a day on his own!

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This is Stage 1 of a Cat Commando Course we are building for our previous residents at McCraken (Victor Harbor) who have moved to the One Tree Hill area! The cats have been rebelling since their move as they gave up their CatPad enclosure and were confined to the house only! The owners were pretty pleased to see this first stage of the project completed yesterday so the cats could go out into the area to explore their new surrounds.


We have built this particular enclosure using the wire reinforced netting for added strength and security for these very active cats!

Without giving too much away the central tree trunk will become a feature in stage 2 of this build and there should be no more tantrums from this family of cats  once they have their Commando Course set up! Stay tuned!

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