Side of house enclosure modification – Craigmore

12932658_10153553986672957_3081137697674287752_n[1]12994392_10153553987217957_6648537719930905647_n[1]12963673_10153553987472957_5475574104173562683_n[1]Sometimes we are asked to modify existing builds to better cater for changing needs and the management of cats.

This build was just that – our scope of works was to re attach existing netting and to install internal gates for the zoning of this very special family of Burmese cats!

The breeder can now better manage the cats for her breeding purposes whilst giving them a fabulous outdoor space with a variety of levels to enjoy!8366_10153553987262957_8501294138465608795_n[1] 12998522_10153553987037957_3609123572231963070_n[1] These beautiful cats wasted no time at all at exploring their new area and playing on the ledges!


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