Side of house enclosure – Modbury Heights

DSC00528 (Medium)DSC00530 (Medium)We build many enclosures on the sides of houses to give the resident cats plenty of scope for getting outdoors into a secure area and to have an extensive ‘run’.

Our clients at this build have opted to have the enclosure built before they choose their cat to come and join their family!

So yesterday was a pretty special day for their daughter who has been eagerly awaiting for this enclosure to be built so she get her cat!

It’s a great area with the netting enclosing the roof from fascia to the fence line and a steel framed netted gate towards the rear end of the yard.

DSC00533 (Medium)

A cat flap is soon to be installed into the laundry door to give the cat freedom to come and go!

All the best with your new furry addition to your family!

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