Side of house enclosure – Blackwood

DSC01676 (Medium)DSC01669 (Medium)This 2 tiered side of the house enclosure has created an ideal adjacent area to the house for the resident cats to enjoy.

The netting was attached from the roof line to the top of the fence with a rear access steel framed gate built on the upper level.

The front gate was enclosed with netting over the top.DSC01672 (Medium)DSC01673 (Medium)A steel tube was attached to the concrete retaining wall for the attachment of the netting down to the lower level.

This is just one example of many ‘side of the house’ enclosures we build around Adelaide. More examples below.13059305_1369378346411212_1478021940_n (Medium) 13115477_1369378216411225_1939775522_n (Medium)DSC02063 2016-05-25 14.15.27 (Medium) 2016-05-25 14.18.38 (Medium)



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