Side and rear yard enclosure – Burton

DSC02071DSC02065This enclosure incorporates the side of the house with a garden area, continuing down to the aviary and across the lawn  and back to the rear of the house!

It’s a fantastic area for the 4 resident cats (Midnight, Whiskers, Patchy and Snowflake).

It also incorporates a “Tree Wrap” and a ‘Tree Tunnel” in the side garden. The Tree Tunnel has been designed for growing trees to be incorporated into an roofed enclosure.DSC02069DSC02064Plenty of shelves and platforms have been installed to give this family of cats lots of choice in elevated areas to sit and watch the happenings in the garden!

20160604_07421620160604_110505 Midnight, Whiskers and Patchy have wasted no time in getting outside to explore their new surrounds!

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