Ruby and Oliver’s outdoor area – Brighton North

20160115_141140 (Medium) 20160115_134826 (Medium)20160115_141140 (Medium)20160115_141122 (Medium) 20160115_134712 (Medium)Ruby and Oliver are about to move into this beautiful backyard to enjoy resort style living in a tropical outdoor patio area which is adjacent to an open yard that has been fully netted.

Access to the yard for these 2 lucky cats is through a cat door in the laundry while 2 steel framed access gates have been installed to provide ‘human’ access into the enclosure!

Each pillar has been individually enclosed with netting with 2 zipper gates inserted for gardening access in the patio area.20160115_134725 (Medium)20160115_135556 (Medium)20160115_141122 (Medium) It was a challenging and complex build to make the netted areas look almost invisible and to complement this stylish backyard.

We are looking forward to hearing how the cats enjoy their new home!


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