Part rear yard enclosure – Glengowrie

Mishka, Weasel and Yuki have moved house to and can now venture outside to enjoy this beautiful rear yard area.

The enclosure spans a 10 metre width and has been installed in 1 piece perfectly alligned!

It incorporates the area between the house and the shed going from fascia to fascia and then across to the fence line.

The cats have a great lawned area to enjoy as well as a shady garden to explore and rest in.

Gates have been installed at the side of the house, in between the shed and the fence and on the side of the pergola giving all areas full access.

Steel tubing was laid across the lawn to attach the netting to so as not to interfere with the underground sprinkler system and to provide a clean edge for mowing.

Wire cable was used as a transition point and to maintain the height of the netting from the corner of the house to the shed corner. (last photo)

It’s a perfect area for these cats to enjoy!



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