Part rear yard enclosure for Jewel – Stirling

This build had it all!  A challenging site with a terraced hills garden, an existing vine to contend with and services down the side to provide access to.

The build therefore contained a mix of netting and steel mesh to be able to cater for all these elements.

We extended the enclosure from the fascia at the rear of the house to steel poles installed on the first terrace and then down to the second retaining wall.

A steel framed netted gate was installed to the side to adjacent to the stairs leading up the garden. The side perimeter of the enclosure follows the garden and has the netting attached from one stone retaining wall to the other.

Wire mesh was used at the other end of the enclosure where a beautiful vine was a feature in that part of the garden. This will make it easy for pruning and general management. All gaps were closed over with the mesh to make this a fully secured area for Jewel the cat.

Wire mesh was also used down the side of the house providing access to the rain water tank and a separate front access to the HWS.

All in all it’s a build that showcases how we can use a multitude of methods and approaches to resolve the presenting issues of a property to have a functional and fabulous enclosure for one very lucky cat!




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