Missy’s enclosure – Beulah Park

IMG_0672 (Medium)IMG_0675 (Medium)This leafy back patio has been fully enclosed to provide Missy with a fabulous garden area to share with her owner.

The option to make this a full enclosure attached to the rear of the house has provided Missy with a larger space than was originally considered.

3 ledges have been added to the side fence for Missy to view her surrounds. An extension was built for the side gate to allow for continued access and a second steel framed netted gate leads out into the rear yard beyond the patio.IMG_0669 (Medium) Missy wasted no time at all getting out into her new space after ‘supervising’ the build from her inside vantage point all day!IMG_0679 (Medium)IMG_0664 (Medium)

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