Mischka and Weasel’s mega enclosure – Flagstaff Hill

DSC01432 (Medium)DSC01437 (Medium)150 m2 of this backyard is now fully enclosed with a netted enclosure!

Steel poles have been erected along the raised terrace of the back perimeter of the property. These are 10m from the house with an additional 2m width of netting connecting to a board along the back fence below a substantial hedge. This design allows for this section to be unclipped for the hedge to be trimmed!

DSC01433 (Medium) Double gates have been installed along the eastern side for plenty of access into the enclosure. The previous small enclosure along the back of the house has been dismantled with the access cat door from the laundry now leading directly out into this enclosed yard.

Weasel and Mischka the cats can now explore their surrounds in safety.The enclosure also covers the Possum Hut to the western side of the property where rescue possums are cared for.

It’s work in progress for the owners of this property as they continue to develop this great area!

DSC01435 (Medium)


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