Mia’s side of house enclosure – Northgate

13059305_1369378346411212_1478021940_n (Medium)13100882_1368710029811377_438450125718249557_n (Medium) 13133389_1368711683144545_4993428624776748099_n[1] (Medium)What a fantastic area little Mia has stepped out into yesterday with this side of the house enclosure built for her and her new ‘sister’ (still to come!)

Mia took no time at all to climb up to her large viewing platform to watch all the neighbourhood activities including the birdlife!

The side of the house enclosure adjoins the house just below the wall feature between storeys then across to the top of the fence line. A steel framed netted gate provides rear yard access and the far end door leads into a garage area that can provide shelter on rainy days. Thanks to the owner for forwarding these photos!13115477_1369378216411225_1939775522_n (Medium) 13152699_1369378263077887_1616150893_n (Medium)13153359_1369378153077898_344528288_n (Medium)13161073_1369378049744575_1382312148_o (Medium)13162479_1369378309744549_995149282_n (Medium)In case you are wondering about our beautiful ‘client’ – she is a Chocolate Burmese from Blacksmith Burmese with blood line origins from Charlbury Cats- the breeder of a little Blue Burmese ‘sister’ soon to join this family!

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