Meeko’s enclosure – Largs North

DSC00585 (Medium)Meeko has just moved into a new house and has been keen to get outside to explore.

The new owners asked CatPad enclosures to enclose the side of the house so Meeko could safely enjoy outdoors!

DSC00577 (Medium)Meeko spent the day inside ‘supervising’ Peter while he built the large enclosure!

A steel framed gate gives access to and from the backyard, while the existing high metal fence at the front remains an access gate with netting over the top.

Meeko can enter the enclosure from the laundry through the cat door.

Ledges will be installed by the owners to give Meeko some great viewing points of his new environment!

Lucky Meeko!


DSC00582 (Medium)DSC00584 (Medium)


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