LuLu and Kinky’s amazing cat run – Aldgate

A house with many angles made this build a challenging one for Peter and the cats!!

The 2 cats have an elevated window on the upper storey to exit from into a 2 directional run attached to the side of the house and along a pergola structure.

This run leads to the outdoor balcony railing at one end and along to a tiered exit into a netted under croft area the other end with a steel framed netted access gate. The run next to the balcony has a hatch for accessing the cats if required. The floor of the run has been ‘carpeted’ with synthetic grass.

All the steel mesh has been powdered coated in matt black.

Last report from the owner was that LuLu and Kinky had ventured out into the run but had not found the tiered exit into the under croft area as yet!




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