Kat’s next door enclosure – Northgate

DSC01263 (Medium) It’s not everyday that you get to build 2 enclosures next door to each other! This is the 2nd one this week!

‘Kat’ (original name Quinn) is a neighbour of yesterday’s post (Cocoa) at Northgate and now has an enclosure adjoining the fence line!

Kat wasted no time in getting out into the enclosure to check out the ledges and side of the house area which is adjacent to the outdoor living area.

DSC01267 (Medium)DSC01262 (Medium)

A steel framed netted gate has been installed on the back yard end of the enclosure with a netted extension to the front access gate. DSC01261 (Medium)DSC01264 (Medium) And while Kat was exploring his new territory, Cocoa is reported to be loving her enclosure next door!

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