Huntah and Phantom’s enclosure – Woodcroft

The boys are finally outside in a very secure area of activity ledges and tunnels for them!

This side of the house was a previously unused area that has been transformed into an exclusive play / activity area for these 2 very active cats!

We have used 50 mm steel mesh to enclose the area from the fascia to the fence line.

A disused PVC pipe has been re modeled with ‘peek holes’ and attached to the fence so the boys have a tunnel to hide in and run through.

The front gate has been sheeted over with mesh with a long ledge attached to the boundary wall for running along and for viewing!

A variety of ledges have been attached to both walls to give these active cats plenty of higher level places to go!

Entry to this area is by an extemely smart pet door inserted into glass by Scotty from “Doors4Paws”.

The owner is pleased that Huntah and Phantom can now have a safe area of their own to play in and enjoy the outdoors!





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