Einstein, Keiko and Spok’s hillside enclosure – Aberfoyle Park

20160427_162154 (Medium)20160427_162403 (Medium)20160427_162330(0)-3 (Medium)CatPad enclosures loves a challenge! This hillside property had a great side of the house outdoor area that we were asked to design a full enclosure for the 3 resident cats.

The brief was for it to be the length of the house from fascia to hilltop fence line.

It had a 5m span at the rear of the house and then down to 2m at the front. The height of the top of the fence was around 5m above the house pathway!

The varying heights of the build added another challenge where cable was fixed between transition points of fascias, posts and fence line.

This provided smooth lines and raised heights at the front of the property for clear access.

In the second photo you can see our installer using a ladder to access the side of the hill for pegging the cable into the rock face.

If you look closely at the 3rd photo you can see the netting lines run horizontally and vertically straight. This was done with one piece of netting.

Steel framed gates have been fitted to each end of this massive enclosure!

And while all this building activity was going on……the cats slept un disturbed in their baskets!

Plans are already underway for the client to landscape this area and for a cat door to be fitted to the laundry window.

20160427_162542 -2 (Medium)20160427_162629 (Medium)

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