Claude’s side of house enclosure and tree house sky walk- Modbury Heights

Claude has a great new outdoor space to use which includes a sky walk over to a tree in the garden!

It started with an area down the side of the house with an L shaped zipper panel at one end for access.

This area was fully netted with Claude’s access out through a cat flap in the Laundry door.

Steps were installed on a boundary wall that lead up to the sky walk over to a beautiful leafy tree in the back yard!

At the end of the sky walk a larger Observation Post has been built into the design to give Claude ample room to laze out in!

This feedback from his owner says it all!

Claude is absolutely loving his renewed sense of freedom and is spending heaps of time in his skywalk, keeping an eye on the neighbourhood, watching the birdies and just enjoying the fresh air. He is constantly in and out and just seems to be a much more content boy.  Our schnauzer is much happier too as Claude is not tormenting her as much for entertainment now that he can get out and about!




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