Burmesque Burmese cat run – Craigmore

We had the privilege once again to add a new run to the Burmesque Burmese cattery this week.

There were plenty of breaks taken by our team to say ‘hello’ to the 2 new 1 day old kittens and the 12 week olds that are almost ready to go to their new homes!

The new run enclosed an area between the garage wall and garden shed which provides a great separate space for one of the breeding males.

3 ledges have been installed to provide great views of the street and rolling hills over the road as well as some shelter under the eaves.

We have clad the gate in wire mesh as well as up graded the other gates in the runs to this standard.

And finally the Burmesque kittens! Shaz took some time out to make sure she had plenty of kitten cuddles for these gorgeous Burmese cats and kittens!





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