Beanie & Calico’s Super Skywalk – Melrose Park

DSC01016 (Medium)What great fun Beanie and Calico will have taking in the foothill views from their new CatPad which begins from the upstairs window, around the upper storey of this townhouse down to a beautiful cottage garden!DSC01013 (Medium)DSC01017 (Medium) A series of split levels from the upper entry box, guides the cats down to steps leading to an elevated walkway then down a ramp into the garden. It’s an amazing adventure playground for these very special cats!DSC01021 (Medium) DSC01025 (Medium)The netted garden enclosure is also at 2 levels with a corner tree wrap with zipper access opening for clearing foliage and then a higher roof line with full zipper gate for the owner to maintain the garden area.

It’s very creative solution that shows that anything is possible with our designer/builder Peter!

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