Babushka, Bonnie and Pippin’s enclosure – Lockleys

DSC00762 (Medium)New arrival Bonnie has been very anxious to explore the great outdoors much to the dismay of her owners!

Trying to keep her enclosed inside was proving difficult, so a side of the house enclosure was designed to give her a great outdoor space and her owners peace of mind that she was safely contained in a pretty special area!

DSC00764 (Medium)



DSC00723 (Medium)Resident cats Babushka and Pippin were also pleased to see Peter on site and the build begin this week!

The enclosure had its complexities with an already existing pergola structure needing gaps to be ‘in filled’ and an asbestos fence to contend with.

Existing bolts through the fence were used as the anchorage points for the clips so the stainless steel cable could be attached without any disturbance to the cladding.

A steel framed access gate was fitted to the western end  to make this just the perfect area for all the cats!

Entry to this enclosure is through an ensuite hopper bathroom window. We look forward to seeing these Lockleys cats enjoying their new area!

DSC00756 (Medium)DSC00759 (Medium)DSC00748 (Medium)

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