Arkus and Oki’s undercover enclosure – St Clair

Arkus and Oki finally have their outdoor enclosed area connected to the newly installed cat door so they are free to come and go as they please from the house to the outdoors!

And today – they wasted no time at all to access their multiple level outdoor area and to catch some of the sunshine!

As you can see they have quickly familiarised themselves with all levels using the ledges to access the multiple levels and decking areas.

A great compact outdoor space fully utilised to provide 2 active cats with a great safe space to enjoy the sun and fresh air with some exercise/activity levels!

DSC08041 (Medium)DSC08047 (Medium)DSC08052 (Medium)IMAG8564 (Medium)DSC08138 (Medium)DSC08069 (Medium)DSC08058 (Medium)

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