Alice and Tilly’s patio enclosure- St Marys

DSC01403 (Medium)

DSC01404 (Medium)Alice and Tilly now have an outdoor patio area to step out into from their house to share with their owner!

It was the ideal solution when looking at the different areas around the house that could be used for an enclosure that best used an existing space.

Both ends have been enclosed and steel framed netted gates provide access from the rear yard and through to the carport.

The small gap at the side of the enclosure has been netted from roof line to the fence line to secure the area.

A great area to enjoy these sunny days!


Lovely to get this message from the owner: ”

The girls are loving their new freedom!  Although Alice was the far braver of the two when initially going out there she was a bit freaked out when I was cleaning the cobwebs off the rafters and is now the more timid!  I am sure she will get used to it.  Thank you and Peter so much for building such a lovely space, it is a delight to sit out there in the evenings (and I am sure I will spend more time there on the weekend).  I am so glad you suggested that as an alternate space to down the side, it is so much nicer to share the space with the cats, and I think they would not have enjoyed the other space nearly as much!


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