Cat Shows – a great way to learn about special breed cats!


For the past 2 years CatPad enclosures has been sponsoring and attending cat Shows around Adelaide run by the 2 Associations and their Cat Clubs.

It’s a fantastic way to learn about the variety of cat breeds as you watch the judging and then have the opportunity to talk to the various owners and breeders.

If you are considering getting a particular breed of cat you will also find great information on the Associations websites.

Cat Shows also have some beautiful Domestics on show and you can learn so much about them from hearing the judges explain their possible genealogy.

We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Cat Shows over 2016 and look forward to the 2017 year!

If you would like to watch a short segment filmed by the In the Garden team at the Royal Show click on the link below.

Cats On Show

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